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Why I Want to Buy A House?

First thing first, you should identify the reason you want to buy a house. Ask yourself, "why I want to buy a house?"

Why is this important, Kawan?

It will help you to find the property that fits you. Let's say you want to buy a house because your current home is far from the office, so maybe you need to carefully pick the location.

Oh, make sense. How can I identify my reason to buy a house?

Reflect on the pain you are experiencing from your lifestyle now or the needs you aspire to have.

I see... so I need to take some time to think about this ya?

Yes, it sounds intricate but it's your biggest purchase. No use to cry over spilled milk, right?

True, let me think and discuss it with my wife.

Take your time. I have also listed down some points. To know why you want to buy a house comprehensively, you may prioritize your needs from the options or pick the top three.

Pains for Current Living

  • Lack of rooms/ bathrooms/ car parks
  • Small kitchen/ living space
  • Hard to renovate 
  • Far from office/ school
  • Limited choice of amenities
  • Far from clinic/ hospital
  • Bad accessibility to the parent house
  • Tired to maintain living space
  • Bad facility maintenance 
  • Deterioration
  • Change of surrounding environment
  • Loose natural light
  • Pest damage
  • Higher density
  • Change of neighbors/ community
  • Low security
  • Concern about the asset value drop
  • Inheritance tax
  • Division of property in the case of a divorce

Gains for the Next Living

  • Sign of independence
  • Ownership for something tangible instead of renting
  • Enough and extra space for a family member
  • Practical and flexible layout
  • Creditable house quality - workmanship & material
  • Ideal location
  • Creditable developers - maintenance & asset value
  • Investment return
  • Sustainable community
  • Secured environment
  • Lifestyle fit

Thanks, Kawan. I will start digging the reason I want to buy a house!

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