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What Property Type I Should Buy?

Before you start looking for a property, you need to determine the type of property. That way, you know what you need to search for.

Okay, Kawan. Actually, I prefer a landed house but my wife wants a condominium. Hmm... I'm torn.

Have you defined your homebuying reason, Owluu? Depending on that, you may decide the suitable property type.

Oh yes. So let's say if I want a spacious unit and active lifestyle, should I go for a landed house because of the size and surroundings?

It depends. Even high rise in the city has spacious space like 3-4 bedrooms and full-fledged facilities to fit your needs.

I see, so I need to consider multiple points of view.

Yes. But typically say, high rise enables you to enjoy more city life, while a landed house brings a relaxing living.

Points are taken. There are many types of houses too right? What's the difference between a serviced apartment and a condo? 

What is the difference between commercial and residential title?.

Simply say:

  • Commercial-titled: Development which built on land for commercial use
  • Residential-titled: Development which built on land for residential purpose

Oh, there are so many things I need to learn.

There are a lot of property terms you will come across. No worries, you are on the right way to your homebuying journey.

Well, I strive to be a mature man 😎

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