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The rivalry of a house with extra land; Semi-D vs Corner Terrace

Another day, another consideration you might have before upgrading your house. This scenario bequeaths you some options — Corner terrace? Semi-D? You might love the idea of a corner terrace but somehow you think the prestigious of Semi-D could be the realm for your everyday living.

Both might share identical features resulting in you to wonder why Semi-D house often to be pricey than a corner terrace. Well, let us spill the beans on the comparison between a corner terrace and a Semi-D for you to pick your side:

Size Comparison

The typical size of a corner terrace is usually smaller than a Semi-D. Corner terrace is ranging from 1,500 to 3,638 sq. ft. while a Semi-D has an extensive size of 2,300 to 5,600 sq. ft. 

If you have a huge family where each owns a car, a semi-detached house offers you a wider frontage for the porch. The size could take over 40 feet whilst a corner terrace usually set around 22~24 feet. It is enough for 1 to 2 cars but you could freely park your car at the corner of the road.

While talking about the extra land, a corner lot usually has a larger land beside the house while a Semi-D has a large backyard. If you are into a massive renovation or outdoor activities like gardening, of course, this extra land would be of great use.

Area attractiveness comparison 

Semi-D has a lower density as it usually takes up a vast size of land. Let's say for a 2,000 feet length of the land, there will be around 50 terrace houses joined together in one row, whereas semi-d would be around 22 houses. This means that the location will be less dense in terms of units or households per acre.

Thus, the neighborhood of Semi-D houses would be more quiet and serene since fewer cars and bikes coming through. Living in a corner terrace would be more lively.

Exclusiveness comparison 

A Semi-D is more premium and prestigious branding compared to a corner terrace house. The design of a Semi-D is perceived to be modern compared to the minimalist design of a terrace house. Not all will go for premium chocolate since the ordinary chocolate is fine too. Status and exclusiveness might not be a crucial point to some, so we can say it is pretty subjective.

Capital appreciation comparison

Fair enough to say that both have a good capital appreciation. For Semi-D, some people might have the perception that it is more prestigious. They would invest to represent their lifestyle and the valuation price can be easily matched.

While for a corner terrace, of course, due to the prices that are cheaper than Semi - D, & exceeding number of middle-class people so the demand is always there. 

We hope this pure comparison will help you to clear the cloud on which to choose. You can further with some semi-d and terrace projects discovery for your comparison. But remember, either semi-D or terrace, make sure to check your lifestyle needs and the house location before you proceed in any decision making.

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