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PROPERTY NEWS: S P Setia's Straits of Heron 2 Recorded 100% Take Up

Key takeaway:

The 43 landed residences in Straits of Heron 2, S P Setia Bhd's most recent launch in Shah Alam's Setia Eco Park township, were all taken up within an hour of the launch on November 27.

The second series of the Straits of Heron homes collection, Straits of Heron 2, consists of 30 double-storey semi-detached homes and 13 double-storey bungalows.

The houses in Straits of Heron 2 have built-ups of 2,950 square feet and 3,500 square feet, and the semi-D and bungalows' lots are 41 by 85 feet, 65 by 85 feet, and 75 by 85 feet, respectively. The pricing for individual units ranges from RM2.1 million to RM3.8 million.

The 42 semi-D and 12 bungalows in Straits of Heron 1, which were introduced in February of this year and have a starting price of RM2 million, all have been purchased.

The Straits of Heron series is the first collection of Setia Eco Park's Paradise of Birds, a low-density neighbourhood next to the Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve, with a total gross development value of RM242 million.

Straits of Heron's design was inspired by contemporary Peranakan architecture, which includes Peranakan features and components like coloured glass panels and embossed window casements for the residences' facade. This is designed to reflect the local Peranakan culture.

In addition, The Straits of Heron will have sculptures such as Flying Wings, The Perch, The Nest, and Heron Bridge, as well as a resting alcove with the eyes of the heron, put all around the residential area.

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