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Seremban New Development Update 2019

What comes to your mind when someone mentions “Seremban”?

I'm pretty sure its something along the lines of the amazing food, the famous Siew Pao and the culturally pleasing Minangkabau designed houses.

What if I tell you that there is more to Seremban than meets the eye? Seremban was initially called Sungai Ujong in the 1870s when it was first discovered as a port for mining as well as tins. Ever since then the population has grown as well as the developments of the place.

In the year 2000, the population was 397,185 where it then increased in the year 2010 by 71.4% amounting up to 555,935. Seremban is mostly occupied by families whose previous generations have lived in Seremban as well. Not forgetting that its also occupied by young working adults who prefer to live close to their families.

Seremban New Poperty Trend

Seremban is home to many landed properties such as Link Home, Semi-D’s and Bungalows. The built-up of these developments range from 1,584 - 6,000 sq.ft catering for the majority class of home which are mostly big families. Naturally, these homes come with 4-6 bedrooms. You can find these new developments starting with the price of RM400K onwards.

Being the 3rd generation in her family to live in Seremban, Sarah is a 31-year-old working mum in a family of 4. She works in 9 am to 6 pm job in KL City and she commutes to work daily by the KTM which takes her about an hour and 30 minutes. She wants to continue living in Seremban for years to come as she prefers living in a landed and spacious home where her kids get to spend time outdoors and she can spend time doing gardening. All the while having a comfortable life with low cost of living as well as saving in terms of mortgage.

In terms of racial probability, Malays are considered the majority race followed by the Chinese and Indians.


Staying in Seremban would not cause you to lose connections to towns outside your vicinity such as Nilai,Sendayan and Mantin as you can easily travel to them by majorly connected highways!

Gain access to other major cities such as Kajang,Kuala Lumpur and even Cheras through the high connection of highways from Seremban such as the KAJANG - SEREMBAN Highway,Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway,ELITE highway and many more!

Not forgetting that getting to Kuala Lumpur and other places would not be a hassle as the KTM can be used to travel to major stations such as Kajang where you will be able to interchange to the fast-paced MRT line to get to other destinations such as KL Sentral, the transportation hub where you gain access to many other travel options.

The KTM line also takes you to the Bandar Tasik Selatan Station where you can interchange into three other travel options of the KLIA Transit, the Terminal Bus station where you will be able to travel domestically and finally the interchange to the Sri Petaling LRT Line where you will be able to travel to Puchong with the bonus of skipping the traffic.

Educational Institute

With the abundance of families that live in Seremban, educational institutions are a plenty for the children to go to. Schools such as Wesley Methodist School, SK Methodist ACS , SJK(C) Sino English,SJK(T) Lobak, SK Sri Seremban which are all schools of top notch quality. 

Medical Institute

Major medical institutes such as KPJ Seremban Specialist,Seremban Hospital and Columbia Asia Hospital are built in Seremban to tend to the needs of its residents. 3 Major hospitals ranging from goverment to private sectors each suiting the needs of its patients. It not being too far away from town is an added advantage to the residents.

Seremban is a family oriented land where its prime purpose is to incorporate the old fashioned family bond. Hence why, major developers in Malaysia such as Matrix Concept Holdings Berhad, Sime Darby and IJM Land have developed townships to fulfill that dream. Discover more newly developed homes in Seremban here.

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