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New Property or Subsale House?


  • Sub-sale House: Second-hand property that is resold by the previous owner, in the secondary market. Meaning you are buying from another owner usually through an agent and not the developer.
  • New Property: Brand new houses built by developers. You purchase the house directly under the developer. There are two concepts for housing delivery; Build-then-Sell (BTS) or Sell-then-Build (STB).

Relate your Homebuying Purpose with The Pros and Cons

Here's the trick, Owluu. By referring to your purpose of buying a house, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a new or sub-sale property.

Let's say if I want a practical and flexible layout, should I go for a new property?

Of course, a new property has a lot of advantages in terms of quality and workmanship. But it depends, you may also achieve this with sub-sale - but it will cost you more for the remodeling and renovation even the house price is cheaper than a new property.

Wow... that's true.

You need to also compare the home loan and legal matters for both.

What do you mean?

Easier Loaning Process if Purchasing a New Property

When you buy a house, you should also think of the financial scheme and the ownership, right? Let’s say, for a housing loan, a new property is easier for you to proceed with the process and save you some cost.

Oh, why?

Because normally developers tie-up with some banks. It means banks have already done the valuation for the development so that the application process is shorter. The approval rate just depends on your loan eligibility.

Does it mean we need to find a housing loan by ourselves for second-hand?

Yes, usually an agent will assist you with this. You or the seller also need to appoint a lawyer for the legal matters.

I didn't know this. 

Purchasing a Sub-sale Property Requires Cash in Hand

For the loaning, each bank will give you a different rate depending on the market value. To make this process successful, you will be charged an agent fee, appraisal fee, and bank processing costs.

Oh... If I purchase a second-hand property, it will cost me more upfront payment ya...

True. Don't forget the legal fees and downpayment. For new property, if a new project is subject to a government incentive like HOC, you can waive the fee. But not with sub-sale, you need to pay.

Buying a sub-sale property requires you to provide a certain amount of cash.

Oh, many things behind that.

Yeah, but the most important thing is the property itself. You should spend time choosing the right home ya!

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