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Choosing new property over the sub-sale house. What to look at?

While knowing that buying a house is not something you can do at the drop of hat, many still in a toss-up between a sub-sale or a new property. Of course, you can start by comparing as follows:

You might have to encounter the pros and cons of both new property and a sub-sale. It's obvious that in this matter, a new property has an advantage on the house features due to the brand new development while a sub-sale in terms of delivery. It's an existing house, so you can move in anytime. But if the new property is almost or already completed, it makes a new property bear the same advantage.

While talking about the pros & cons, for sure you'll choose a thing that brings more pros to your side, but the real deal is— how can you find the right & ideal property? For that, to get your perfect home can be weighed with these processes: 


But how…...?

When you're on the lookout of house, eventually you'll go through all these processes to finally pick your dream house: Find, View, Compare, Consider and Decide. There's no way you can skip any of these processes and jump to buying. To help you understand better, let's further to each of the processes by emphasizing the differences between a sub-sale and a new property.

1. 'Find' process. A new property has it better

Find. Yes, finding information as much as possible is an essential step for you. You need to make a lot of research to ensure sustainable benefits in the long run. If you don't suffice yourself with enough information, you may regret by ended up buying a property that doesn't meet your criteria. Now, let's take a closer look:

• New property — If you're on the lookout of a new property, know that you can easily find the information online. Just Google and you are set to go. Of course, you also have us! NuProp! We provide you information directly from the developer through our detailed interview. All the information delivered to you is transparent. Simply said, you can easily get the information about a new property from the developer or any platform without undergoes much hassle.

• Sub-sale — It's quite tricky since the disclosed information is quite depending on the agent or owner. In some cases, the agent intends to hide the detailed information to avoid the unit being identified by competitors. Worst to be said, sometimes a sold-out property is still listed. A sub-sale property might offer you an exacting & uneasy finding process unless you don't mind to rely on unreliable information.

2. 'View' process. A new property has it better 

Viewing is an exciting process because you get to see how your future house looks like. You don't want to spend your pretty penny on something you are not sure, especially the physical aspects of it. Therefore for viewing:

• New property — You can always visit their sales gallery. The salesperson will accommodate your needs, in terms of property information and assist you throughout the viewing. Also, with the interior design provided by the developer, you can also imagine how would be your future house look like. On the other hand, the sales gallery is usually located in the township area so you get to feel the actual environment as well.

• Sub-sale — Well, if the agent has the key, then good! If not, how can you proceed with the viewing? You might as well encounter a scenario where the owner wants to participate thus require an arrangement for the viewing. Remember on the agents competing with each other? Yes, even though there are in the same company but they might not be collaborating. This will urge you to engage with multiple agents for a single development. The more agents you engage might cause you more arrangement.

3. 'Compare' process. A new property has it better 

Compare, compare, compare. Of course, for you to finally pick an ideal house, you need to make a comparison. Check out on this:

• New property — It's an obvious win. For new properties, you get a wide range of options! You can easily make a comparison to which unit & property extensively meet your needs. Not just that, you can even compare the detailed aspects such as where the tower is facing or maybe which level offers splendid daylight!

• Sub-sale — Well, what can we say? Sub-sale is an existing unit so you need to acknowledge this limitation. If the house is on level 1, block A, then that's it. You can't pick any other unit, thus... limited comparison.

4. 'Consider' process. A new property has it better 

Aha! After going through all processes, in the end, you need to consider it. Consider whether the property you set your eyes on really worth your money and lifestyle. For this, you need to spend adequate time to think thoroughly. In this phase:

• New property — Since it's a new property and the range of selection is wide, you can always take your time to consider. No need to rush so you can finally resolute to a rational decision.

• Sub-sale — While in the case of a sub-sale property, it's limited so you need to hurry before the unit is sold out. This eventually will lead you to feel uneasy as you don't have ample time to consider.

Well begun is half done. Buying a house is a huge decision where you can't simply cut corners. For you to decide wisely and avoid being regret at the later end, you should know the decision-making process in advance. If you don't want to juggle between the hassle and clouds while making a decision, you know a new property would be best for you, right? Above all, to any of which, it's on your home seeker!

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