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PROPERTY NEWS: Lagenda-KUASA partnership to restore mangrove forest in Perak

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In order to rehabilitate the mangrove forest adjacent to Changkat Keruing Riverbank Park in Perak, Lagenda Properties Bhd has teamed up with the environmental non-governmental organisation Persatuan Aktivis Sahabat Alam (KUASA).

The relevance of the mangrove forests in bringing economic, social, and environmental advantages to the residents is extremely essential, according to Lagenda director Mohamad Ali Ariffin in a statement. We wanted to do our share to make sure that afforestation efforts got started right away because we are a firm that places a high priority on sustainability and communities. As maintaining our natural environment is essential to the survival of vulnerable ecosystems, species, and humanity, we feel that volunteering for environmental conservation is an effective approach to contribute to the answer.

To date, Lagenda has collaborated with the neighbourhood community and planted 1,000 mangrove plants to mitigate the harm done by deforestation and aquaculture fishing throughout the years. Mangrove forests are among the planet's most productive and biodiverse wetlands, providing 10 times as much oxygen as tropical forests do.

However, these distinct coastal tropical forest settings are some of the most endangered habitats. This ecosystem not only offers vital habitat for a variety of marine and terrestrial flora and fauna, but it also lessens vulnerability to natural disasters and extreme climatic events and serves as a natural coastal defence system, particularly for the local communities. Rhizophora apiculata and Bruguiera cylindrica, two native plant species that are considered to be good sources of natural antioxidants for medicinal uses, have been planted in the Sungai Keruing mangrove forest by Lagenda in an effort to ensure a healthy and vibrant ecology.

Lagenda is contributing to the success of the Greening Malaysia programme as part of the 100 Million Tree-Planting Campaign 2021–2025. In its Bandar Baru Setia Awan Perdana development in Sitiawan, Perak, Lagenda has planted more than 18,000 plants there, some of which are vulnerable and endangered species, respectively, Hopea odorata and Agathis borneensis. The corporation consistently strives to maintain natural habitats that support healthy and effective ecosystems within its townships in addition to enhancing biodiversity.

"At Lagenda, we believe that sustainable development is a method to build homes and spaces that satisfy all of our homeowners' demands without sacrificing the environment or the needs of coming generations. As a result, we take care to choose land that only needs minor changes to its environmental profile. According to Lagenda Properties managing director Datuk Jimmy Doh, this involves the evaluation of long-term land production and only enables land conversion from non-primary forest and unproductive land.

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