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How to Start Searching for A New House?

Now I have many ideas about my house and I’ve identified my budget. I want to start exploring some projects.
But, how?

There are some ways. But, no rush bro. The more options, the better. While exploring some projects, you get more insights. OK?

Yes, you’re right.

Seeing is believing. So I suggest you to visit at least 10 sales galleries. Let’s say during the weekends, if you will explore 2 projects, you need 5 weeks.

I'm fine to do that because it’s fun!

Remember to also explore the surrounding amenities on your way to the sales gallery or the way back.

So there are some points to check, ya?

Exactly! Let's say if you visited a property 5 weeks ago, it is possible that you forgot everything about the property, right? So how can you compare?

Well, you are right. My brain is like a sieve.  

That’s why don’t forget to take many pictures when visiting. Even shooting videos will be helpful.

Fully agree. So the purpose of visiting the sales gallery is to obtain more information
so I can make a comparison with other properties, right?

Yes, but how can you record the info of each property you've visited?

Hmm... I'm not sure. My wife has a good memory, hehe.

Haha! Well, I use Trello as the tool to finally secure my first house. It helps me to have an organized deck to compare between different properties 😎

Trello? What?

It is a task management tool so you can keep every little detail. Let me show you an example. You can click here:

Interesting, that's new to me.

You can actually copy the board I make. Don't worry, once you copy- I won't see your details. Unless you share the link hehe so I can spy on the details 😝

Nice! I will sign up for the account and copy the board.
Easier for me to track the property information.

Good to hear. In the end, you will choose one unit. So the information you gathered is actually very important. Take your time to compare different property and manage it well ya.

Okay thanks a lot, Kawan! You are my saviour.

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