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How to choose a location for your house - Township Level

Back at it to know which location suits you the best. Again, the location is a wide subject for us to begin with. For instance, we can talk about Selangor or certain parts of Selangor. Or maybe specific township in Bangi, amenities around Bangi. Yes! It could be anything! That’s too much.

That is why an extensive, structure-based specification for location might be fruitful for you to have an ideal house location. 

Previously, we have shared the initial idea & jot down the factors from the city level . Now let’s move on to the township level. What should you seriously take into account in deciding from this perspective?

1. Accessibility to health care 
Referring to the proximity to school, accessibility to health care is one of the crucial points which it holds a better property value. If we take an example from your life, visiting clinics or hospitals are infrequent. But bear in mind, if any unfortunate events such as home injuries or accidents, without any nearby clinics or hospitals, can lead to a higher risk scenario. Thus, you might want to consider this factor.

2. Similarity of an area 

We tend to lean towards things that has similar values with us. In this case, you may justify it through conforming and cultural perspective. 

Conforming— You might want to decide on a location that consists similarities to other houses in the neighborhood; age of a house, condition, size. For example, a spacious bungalow house located in an ordinary terrace neighbourhood worth much less compared to the bungalow situated in the premier township.  This factor is important if you have the intention to resell your house. When a house doesn't conform to the other, it would not invoke the feeling of prestige for the neighborhood.

Cultural— Maybe it's not important for you but to others, they might gravitate to an area that share similar cultural values including the majority race. It is an elusive concept. If you think this might be significant for you, maybe you should also consider an area that has the same cultural values you share.

3. Convenient distance to essential amenities

You should narrow down your choices by considering a property nearby amenities, preferably less than 15 minutes away from your house. Amenities such as shopping malls, grocery stores, shops, cafes, and restaurants are essential for you to have a happier and convenient life. 

You can decide which amenities serve your needs the most, the ball is in your court after all. Maybe you do grocery shopping every month, or you go to the cinema every two weeks with your family. If the amenities are within a convenient distance, you'll enjoy greater benefits unless you don't mind taking a rain check or driving out far to buy tomatoes for your chicken curry. 

4. Neighborhood appearance & environment 

Have you been in awe passing through a neighborhood that looked like a hideaway of the lost heaven? It's so beautiful that you dream to live and own a house there. Without you realizing, a great appearance and environment of the neighborhood make it a desirable location. A house with a sought-after scenery, great landscape, and nearby green or community spaces surely hold a better property value. You should consider this factor if you want a location that brings environmental value to your life and the growth of your family. If you don't mind about the appealing nature views, of course, this wouldn't be of great importance.

You don't want to spend your first night in your new home, experience a neighborhood that doesn't match your perception. It might be your last straw & you know you could not simply locate your house to another location! You already have the ideas to decide your house location from both city and township levels so you can add up some factors to consider while on the lookout of your new home. While most of us may still be stuck at the dreaming phase to own a house, by referring the guide, you are now on the thrill of navigating your house selection journey! Keep going!

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