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3 things to know before buying a corner or intermediate terrace

When it comes to a terrace house, we believe you have the same image — a house which is linked together in a row of houses and share the dividing wall. To choose which lot might pique your wonder, should it be in the corner or intermediate?

Though they might be built in the same row, the distinct values are obvious. Let's head over to the comparison between a corner & an intermediate lot for your reference:

1) Land size 

A corner lot has an additional land next to it. If you & your family love outdoor activities like gardening, for sure the extra land will benefit you. The availability of land offers you flexibility for expansion, also to upgrade and renovate your house. Since a corner lot is connected with only a single next door, there would be more privacy for you to enjoy.

While for an intermediate lot, it is smaller for its built-up & land size. The land size of a corner lot usually doubles the intermediate. However, the built-up size doesn't signify much difference. Going for an intermediate lot shouldn't be a big deal if you don't have any plan to utilize the extra land.

2) Price 

Since the corner lot has more space, of course, the price will be slightly higher compared to an intermediate lot. There's no specific formula to calculate the price difference as it depends on the land size, built-up size as well as the location of the house. Usually, the price of a corner lot will take about 50~100% the price of an intermediate house.

3) Capital appreciation 

While talking about the property market price, both tend to appreciate well. Since there will be more intermediate lots in development compared to the numbers of corner lots, there will be more buyers seeking intermediate lots. Simply said, the selling price for an intermediate lot will be perceived higher than the buying price.

The apparent difference between a corner lot & an intermediate lot is in terms of its land size that contribute to the distinction in price. Maybe you can verify the above comparison to decide which of these you'll value most before purchasing a terrace. Some people might appreciate extra land while others might favor an intermediate lot. It's on you to make the consideration for the sub-type but above all, the most vital is for you to take into account about the location. 

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