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Considerations to Begin Your Homebuying Journey

Hi Kawan. I want to find an ideal house for my first home. But...

What's up, Owluu? Tell me.

I've surveyed some properties for almost 1 year now, but I feel like I'm wasting my time since I have no direction and not sure where's this heading...

I used to feel that way. Can I know why you want to buy a house, Owluu?

Well... Because I am married, so I want to own my house.

Then when are you planning to buy?

The earlier, the better. But I need to prepare the money.

Hmm... What's your budget?

Actually bro... I don't have a specific budget. The cheaper, the better. Possible?

That's too abstract, Owluu. Buying a property is the biggest purchase in our life. You should consider some fundamental points before exploring the property journey.  

Do you mean my financial plan?

Yes, that is one of it, on top of other pre-purchase information you need to care about. For example, if you want to live there in the long run, maybe you need 3-4 bedrooms for your future babies. Every little detail.

I see... I haven't thought about this deeply.

It's still not too late to consider every bit of detail. We can walk this journey together in these guides. Let's go!

List of Guides

Step 1: Foundation

  1. Why: Why I Want to Buy A House?
  2. What: What Property Type I Should Buy?
  3. Which: Which to Consider, A New or Subsale Property?
  4. How: How Much is My Budget to Buy A Property?
  5. How: How to Start Searching for Property Options?

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