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Cheras New Development Trend 2019

Did you know that the IKEA Cheras is actually the size of 10 NBA Basketball Courts which is 42,000 Sq. ft of minimalist goodness!  Well, I guess I got my weekend plans in motion!

Why don’t many people live in Cheras tho? The answer would definitely be the most Malaysian answer, which is JAM la! or its too far. But then again, most people who answer that question with the answer JAM, don’t actually live in Cheras

Let me just take you on a mini tour around Cheras in hopes of changing your mind. For those who are non Cherasians, did you know that there are so many tamans in the vicinity of Cheras. At least 11 on each signboard! This definitely does prove some people wrong, with the amount of developments there is sure to be a high level of habitability! 

Holding hands with the two states which are Selangor and Kuala Lumpur is Cheras. The borders of Cheras stretch from Ampang in the north over KL and then into Selangor and further going down into the South to Kajang. This would definitely contribute to the variety of property values in Cheras as the wide geographical differences span out pretty widely around the area. To learn more about NEW properties in Cheras, check out our listing right here!

For now, let's look at the latest property trends which are being developed some major developers with the increase of demands due to the land constrains and the increase in population in conjunction with its full-fledged connectivity.

New Property Development Trends

With its population increasing over the years due to its increase in connectivity options and In the abundance of various locations, many developers have taken the chance to develop many more homes for sustainable living for the many years to come.

According to the census, majority of the population that live in the vicinity of Cheras are working adults or first-time home buyers, followed by families that have grown up in the comfort of the vicinity. Hence, this probed many developments to sprout, catering to the needs of its residents ranging from condominiums and even landed properties.

One Cochrane Residences is a newly launched opportunity for those looking to invest with its amazing strategic location as well as the immense accessibility opportunities such as the IKEA Cheras and the MYtown Cheras being just a walk away. One Cochrane Residences is a freehold residential title where owners can enjoy cheaper rates of utilities, assessment & quit rent. Investors can choose from seven different type of layouts ranging from 926 sq. ft to 1,227 sq. ft. with the price of RM880K. Among the units available, the smaller unit offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the larger unit is backed with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Residents can also enjoy more privacy with a majority of 6 units to a floor.

Sg Long Residences is a freehold brand new  residential development that is well planned with Semi-Detached concept perfect for a family that is looking to buy a home with a sere environment. The architecture was designed in a way that there is a break in the middle of facade making every unit is a corner unit. Each unit comes with a range between 1,399 sq. ft. to 1,453 sq. ft. (3 - 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms) where the prices range from RM505K & the interior spaces are uniquely designed with the large glazed windows allows for brightly lit interiors and natural ventilation.

The major class of population in Cheras are individuals who are from the age of 20-39, classing them as working adults and first time home buyers with a mindset to start a family who have lived with their parents in Cheras and have decided to move out , hence why this influences the blooming of properties that would cater to this class of people in terms of space, affordability and as well as in close proximity to transportation options that can be utilized. Like the Sg.Long Residence , which you can read more about here!

Transport Trend 2019

You can now throw away the impression that living in Cheras gonna strip you of all connections to great and major towns because you not only gain access by the road but as well as public transportation. SO bid your farewell to the heavy traffic.

Working outside of Cheras is not a problem anymore as the myriad of public transportation options is readily made available to you such as the MRT Line, 11 stations are located right in Cheras, from Bukit Dukung all the way to Cochrane MRT Station which might I add is just 300m away from One Cochrace Residences

Read more about this development and what more it offers right here!

You will be able to travel to major stations such as Bukit Bintang,Pasar Seni and even Muzium Negar which is actually the main transportation hub in KL, Kl Sentral. IN KL Sentral you would be able to travel almost anywhere with the various options of transportation such as busses,monorails,KTM and even ETS which actually takes you to destinations like Ipoh, Johor and even Penang.

With the population of plenty many highways were built to suit the needs of its residers, so that they will be able to access major towns like Puchong,Petaling Jaya ,Bukit Jalill, and Kuala Lumpur through highways such as KESAS,MEX Highway,SPRINT Highway and so much more. 

So don‘t worry about being too far in when you're actually connected to many key places and Cheras being the most strategic location you would be able to both ends of the spectrum which are Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Institutions Trend 2019

With the abundance of families as well as working adults that have a high probability of continuing their livelihood in Cheras, many prominent and top notch quality educational institutes have been built in Cheras such as SJK(C) Batu 11, SJKC Batu 9, SM Sains Selangor (boarding school)  ,Australian International School ,Sri Sempurna International School and not forgetting the  Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman which is in close proximity with the Sg Long Residences are all built to cater to the needs of parents with children of school going age. 

Medical Institution Trend 2019

Many hospitals with excellent reputation are situated within the vicinity of Cheras ranging from private and government hospitals to cater to various needs to all families.

Hospitals such as Beacon Hospital which is specialized in Cancer Treatment and Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, a well-known private hospital among many people and as well as Tung Shin Hospital and Pantai Hospital are all within where you can receive medical car without all the fuss.

With all this information within your fingertips, I'm pretty sure you're itching to be a Cherasian now! Living within a very mature township not only benefits you but your generations to come. Head on to our page to discover more properties for sale in Cheras and become a Cherasian! 

Still not too sure what your or where you dream home is ? Not to worry, we are here to help you. So, head on to our user support and help will be on its way!

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