Cheras New Development Trend 2019

Nov 18

New trend for developments in Cheras for 2019

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Sri Petaling New Development Trend

Nov 27

2019 Latest update about Sri Petaling's new property trends and amenities

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Seremban New Development Update 2019

Dec 03

New development and amenities update in Seremban 2019

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Petaling Jaya New Development Update 2019

Nov 27

Latest update about 2019 Petaling Jaya's new properties & houses trend, connectivity & LRT, schools, and hospitals. Read this brief article to learn more about PJ, the fast-growing cities in Malaysia!

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Kota Kemuning New Development Update 2019

Oct 22

Read the article to help you discover everything new about Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam! Get the latest info about the new property trend, highways, nearest cities, also the schools and hospitals.

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The Rivalry Of A House With Extra Land; Semi-D Vs Corner Terrace

Oct 31

I wanted to buy a new house so I asked my friend who owns a corner terrace and a semi-D. Shockingly, he's so wealthy to own both, but I'm extra shocked when he reveals the truth... Read here to find o...

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3 Things To Know Before Buying A Corner Or Intermediate Terrace

Oct 30

My wife loves gardening, my son wants to build her pet cage outside meanwhile I want to invite my friends for BBQ. Oh... how I wish I was aware of these 3 things before.

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Rent Is Cheaper? But Buying A House Won't Break Your Bank

Oct 29

Time to move into a new rental house, another takes for you to make sure not a single tape left on the wall. Sure, no problem, but how long are you keeping this vicious cycle going when you can actual...

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Choosing New Property Over The Sub-Sale House. What To Look At?

Oct 24

Old is gold, but what about buying a sub-sale house? You don't want to bite your tongue telling your wife to scrub the floor after seeing the mold. So many hassles you probably won't imagine. Discover...

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High Rise Property Matches For The Young Homebuyers. What's The Drill?

Oct 21

High rise or Landed house? Which one should you buy? The vantage point might differ for everyone, but we would like to give you a deep insight here. It has a strong correlation between the house type...

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